A downloadable game for Windows

A student team project for Kaunas University of Technology.

Your home planet "Phobos" is under attack by greedy humans who are seeking to claim your valuable planet's resources for themselves. Use your advanced alien technology powered by your enemies' brains to protect your planet from disaster!

Download link is now available.

Project is built on Unity and works on Windows. The project itself is in it's early stages, hence, there are only 2 playable levels.

Any comments, bugs, balancing changes or notes are welcome in our discussion board! Thank you.

Update: As of 2018-02 the game has been revived and is being reworked. Stay tuned.

Install instructions

Download, extract the game wherever you see fit, open executable file, choose settings and enjoy!


Invasion of Phobos v0.20 139 MB
Invasion of Phobos v0.10 134 MB